About Christine

An artist, former viticulturist, world traveller and gourmande, Christine Mullen is a multi-talented Melbournian with a passion for nature. 

An interest in fellow artists has given me an opportunity to help organise exhibitions and activities such as the Yarra Glen Art Show, and student exhibitions at Monsalvat and the University of Melbourne. I have assisted in the coordination of workshops for Steels Creek artists involved in the creation a book published through the auspices of Australian National University Living with Fire.

Since retiring from rural activities, I have pursued the study of classical antiquity, history, art history, bookmaking, printmaking and encaustic painting. Travel through urban and rural landscapes across Europe, Asia and the Middle East brings fresh colours and patterns to my work.  Gardening on a suburban patch and a wild, windy dune near the sea keeps me in touch with nature and those inspirational bird nests.

I have been fortunate to exhibit in the Yarra Valley since 2001 at the Yarra Glen Art Show, ACME, Three Stories Gallery, Lovegrove Winery, Badger’s Brook Winery, Steels Creek Estate Winery, Outlook Hill Winery, Yering Station Winery and Bron-Bron Janga Florist. My work has been shown in and around Melbourne at Monsalvat, the University of Melbourne, the Ballieu Library, and Three Bags Full Café.